What is Call of Duty FAQ?

Welcome to CallOfDutyFAQ.com! We are a massive site dedicated to providing players with the most information on Call of Duty ANYWHERE on the Internet.

Call of Duty

Who are we?

HUGE fans of the Call of Duty series, of course! Our team consists of dedicated, long-term players that have been playing CoD games for 10+ years. Most of our team started out on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and have played every title since.

What do we do?

Our primary goal on CallOfDutyFAQ.com is to provide our readers with the latest news, in-depth guides, tips, reviews, and more for EVERYTHING related to CoD. Whether it’s the latest breaking news regarding an upcoming game or a review of a Call of Duty branded gaming headset – we cover all of it in excruciating detail.

We’re not just another run-of-the-mill fan site, either. We fact-check every piece of information we receive, do thorough research, actually play the games religiously, and keep up with everything from DLC drops to major game updates and beyond.

Sure, there are plenty of big-name gaming websites that cover some of this stuff, too. But, too often, the articles on these sites are loaded with inaccurate info or are just written by career writers that know every little about the games, but pump out generic content on them just to rack up clicks and revenue. While we do monetize our site, our major focus in giving Call of Duty fans the information they crave in a professional, accurate manner. Heck, we even make corrections when players point out errors – that’s something you’ll rarely see from other gaming websites out there!

What games do we cover?

ALL of them! This site is meant to serve as information and news portal for every Call of Duty game ever made. That includes the original title, all PC and console games, and even the mobile-based spinoffs available for Android and iOS users.

Call of Duty WWII

Our team has done a brilliant job of providing detailed breakdowns of every CoD game known to man. They cover everything from basic game mechnics to advanced gameplay tips and beyond. We pride ourselves in being more than just a Call of Duty news outlet – we literally cover every aspect of the franchise from games to accessories and more.

The Call of Duty series has been around since 2003 – a whopping 15 years now – and continues to be expanded upon each and every year. In other words, there will ALWAYS be new information available for us to discuss here on the CallofDutyFAQ website.

Future Plans

Call of Duty FAQ is an up-and-coming site. That said, we’ve got plenty of room to grow and improve. In the future, we hope to host interviews with developers and professional CoD players, highlight talent on the rise, give you a closer look at some of the most entertaining figures from YouTube and Twitch that focus on Call of Duty, and so much more.

Once we’ve established ourselves a bit more we also hope to create connections with Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games to give you never-before-seen insights into the development process behind each game, get the opinions of the Call of Duty gaming community heard by those that matter, and hopefully provide CoD fans with opportunities not offered anywhere else.

Call of Duty MW3

As you can see, we have pretty lofty goals – but we believe we can make them a reality.

So, stick around for the ride – bookmark our site, follow us on social media, and enjoy the content we offer here at Call of Duty FAQ.

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