5 Effective and Essential Tips for New Call of Duty Players

Let’s face it, the world of Call of Duty is a very scary place, and while you’re sitting there in your little corner, presumably crying as virtual bullets fly around and cyber explosions blow your simulated body to pixelated pieces (Ok I’ll stop now), you’re probably wondering, how the hell do people do it? They rack up these insane kill death ratios and they seem to never die!

Call of Duty

The answer?



No not steroids

There’s basically 3 types of players that can rack up insane ratios. There are the insanely godly players that can pretty much hit you with a throwing knife over the mountain in Afghan, careful players, and campers.

I can’t teach you how to be a godly player, and I hate campers, so I’m not going to teach you how to be hated by me (by the way, if you’re looking to piss me off, there is nothing I hate more than hundred dollar bills being sent to my doorstep, this also works if you just want to be nice), but I can teach you how to play carefully.


Oh I hate you so much…

Playing carefully is essential to the game if you don’t want to die, and there are some basic tips and habits you can pick up that are guaranteed to up your game to game K/D if you follow them (or your money back!).

Tip #1

Watch where you’re standing

So you’re standing on the top of the mountain on Afghan, and you’re getting some kills, heck yeah, a couple more and you’ll be getting that chopper gunner, when all of the sudden, the above mentioned godly player headshots you with a throwing knife and you smash your controller to pieces.

When choosing a spot to rain fire down on unsuspecting players, you have to weigh the decision on where to go. Remember, the more you can see, the more of you the enemy can see. Peaking out from a corner where you can quickly duck down or side step out of the line of fire is much better than standing up for the world to take pot shots at you.

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Tip #2

Check your corners

This has happened to all of us, from the best of the best, to the bottom of the scoreboards. You’re on a streak, the blood is pumping, you spring around the corner, and you see a guy, standing right there, with an M16 in your face. You squeeze the trigger, but you have to stop sprinting. It happens in slow motion, noooooo (well its actually pretty fast). The last thing you see with your dying breath is… “Killed by xxXNINJARxxXxXxXx (some X’s omitted due to length)”

Call of Duty 3

When you’re running around sprinting, there’s additional time it takes for you to stop sprinting and start shooting, and that split second is all it takes is for some jerk with a gun to blow your face off. When you’re sprinting, always stop sprinting before you turn the corner, so you have a fighting chance.

Tip #3

Get low like shawty

Basically, I’m telling you to drop shot. “Oh no Will, drop shotting is for losers”, then go away. You are here for tips that give you an edge, and drop shotting does that. It makes you more accurate, makes you a smaller target, and gives you a chance to get your opponent really really mad before you kill them.

Angry guy

How do you drop shot?

Step 1: Switch to tactical lay out.

Step 2: Whenever you see someone, push the right stick and keep your aim on the enemy as you shoot.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!

Tip #4

Stay inside when you have to

I see a lot of people run outside when air support is up in any Call of Duty game, and then they get gunned down like the morons they are. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about shooting down air support, but if I am close to a big streak reward, like an AC-130 or something, I will not risk it. If you really have to, here’s what you do.

If its any kind of automated kill streak (Pave low, harrier, etc), wait until its shooting at someone else, and then run like your life depends on it.

If its a player controlled kill streak…

Don’t go outside. At all. Unless you have cold blooded. Even then its a bit risky.

If you have the cajones to shoot at it with a stinger or whatever, try and shoot at it from a window, instead of standing in the open like a moron.

Call of Duty 4

Tip #5

Learn when to switch weapons and when to reload

So you’re in a heated firefight, and oh man, you’re out of ammo. No problem, just duck around that corner, reload aaaaaaand you got shot.

This happens a lot to some people, and they don’t know when to reload or switch weapons. The basic rule of thumb is, never reload unless you’re fairly sure there’s no one around you, and if you’re out of immediate ammo on your main gun (that includes like 5 bullets in the magazine), switch to your secondary. Using something with a fast switch time is a good idea, pistols have an extremely fast switch, machine pistols have a decently fast one, and everything else takes a while.


When to reload

You are fairly sure you are safe
You are somewhere at least somewhat well defended
After you crouch/prone
When to switch

If you suspect someone is nearby
If your main gun is empty/low on ammo
When to find a new weapon

You have less than a magazine left in either weapon.

So that’s all I can tell you for this. I wrote this article because some guy in the chatbox to your right was complaining about how he got killed a lot. So anonymous chatter, this one’s for you. If you have any other suggestions for articles or comments or whatever the hell you want from me, feel free to leave a comment below.